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Eschenbach 2.8/7D/250+4D Rectangular Magnifier Head W/Handle


Eschenbach 2.8/7D/250+4D Rectangular Magnifier Head W/Handle

The magnifier works well... I have tested it. It is pre-owned and is in very good condition with a couple very light, slight scratches that does not effect the performance. The magnifier attaches to the light bar with a cord (it just pushes on). The brightness and be adjusted with a knob at the bottom of the light bar. The light bar has a large on and off switch and an 80" cord.

By resting on top of the reading material makes this particularly suitable for reading over long periods of time and for users who cannot hold magnifiers freely (e.g. age-related shaking or Parkinson's disease)

Bright, even illumination of the reading text provided by enclosed magnifier heads made from a light material.

4D Flip-Up Highlight Lens

Ergonomic, tiltable magnifier head.

The Magnifier will provide a uniform reading distance.

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